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  • The Truth About the Struggles And Success of Yigael Filler

    Israel may be a small country, but it does not lack talent by any means. New Israeli innovations are being developed daily. Fashion designers, artists and musicians from Israel hit international headlines. Their accomplishments are astounding, but the people themselves are the reason for their success.
  • Jerusalem the Soul of the Land- Celebrating Yom Yerushalayim

    This week will be Yom Yerushalayim- Jerusalem day. A day we celebrate the reunification of Jerusalem. Close your eyes and go back in time thousands of years. “The holy temple stands before you. A building of shining white marble and gold, with bronze entrance doors”
  • Shavuot Craft- Fun, Healthy and Edible!

    Unlike Har sinai, my flowers end up shriveling up and looking pretty awful:( So we decided to collaborate with Chani Tokayer- who creates amazing fruit platters to show us how to make this shavuot craft; fruit flowers that not only look delightful, but taste amazing too!
  • Cool Moose Jewelry- Meet the Makers

    A big part of our inspiration was making earrings that we wanted to wear and couldn’t find in Israel. We both love fun, colorful, and funky earrings. We find a lot of techniques on the internet and always have fun searching for new challenges and ideas.
  • 3d Street Art in Jerusalem

    A crazy street art exhibition has recently popped up in downtown Jerusalem. The name of the 3d Street Art is called Perspectives.The incredible art work has been done by international and Israeli artists.
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